View Full Version : suggestions for small aac server?

Andrew W. Donoho
2004-05-25, 13:26
On May 25, 2004, at 06:22, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
> I've been reading this with some interest. So all I have to do is
> point
> my iTunes xml directory to my linux box and I suddenly have iTunes
> support? I use windows for my desktop (as well as iTunes for my
> archos and iPod), but I run the slimserver on a linunx server.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by point your xml directory at a linux
box to get iTunes support.

I copy my iTunes directory to the Linux server. Get and build faad2 for
Linux to decode the music. Install slimserver on linux. edit
slimserver-convert.conf to support faad2 (check the archives). Then
slimserver will use the iTunes playlists/data and play unprotected

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