View Full Version : Squeezeplay on Mac Mini

2009-05-08, 06:39
I'm very much a newcomer here with very little technical knowledge so this could well be a daft question.

I'm running two booms, two duet receivers and an SB+ on a wired home network. Until recently both the music files and squeezecenter were running on my iMac but I've recently moved over to a Drobo/Droboshare. I quickly discovered (with the help of these forums, special thanks to Funkstar) that this wasn't a particularly great solution.

I'm now trying to get this set up so that the music files are stored on the Drobo and squeezecenter runs on my Mac Mini. Additionally I'm using Squeezeplay to allow the Mini to act as a client controlled by the duet controller. I'm trying to get this to operate as simply and as energy efficiently as possible.

That's the long winded bit - now for my problem.

If Squeezeplay is open, even if it's turned off, the mini won't go to sleep by itself (I've ensured that all other clients are off and nothing else is running). Rather than having to turn the TV screen on to put the mini to sleep I've discovered that you can do so by holding the play/pause button on the apple remote. While this would work reasonably well for a couple of my systems it means that I'd need to run up and down three floors if I turn one of the bedroom systems on and then want to put the mini to sleep when done. An alternative would obviously be to quit Squeezeplay when not using the Mini as the client in use but this would require turning the TV on to open it and then on again to quit. Neither seem particularly elegant solutions.

It also seems to me that the mini sometimes randomly puts itself to sleep and wakes up again but that's for another forum.

Any suggestions? Hopefully I'm doing something daft and easily correctable.

Many thanks