View Full Version : MusicIP Headless - strange problem

2009-05-08, 00:47
I have used MusicIP headless without problems for several years now, but I'm now trying to install it on a new server running Windows XP. I've followed Spicefly's instructions and the advice on this thread:


I think I have a new problem however! The GUI works fine and my 8,000-odd tracks are fully analysed. I then closed the GUI, edited mmm.ini to point to the default.m3lib in the application data folder, set the port to 10002, and installed and started musicmagicserver. http://localhost:10002 initialy showed 0 tracks. I then pointed it to my music folder (on the same machine but separate drive) and it found around 4,500 tracks, but not the full 8,000.

The headless version does not seem to be picking up any of my AAC files, which seems to account for the difference. (When I do test mixes, AAC's never appear). Does anyone know how I can fix this? I'm not even sure whether I can 'reset' the headless library and start again)

(Incidentally, I had previously set a filter in the GUI to filter out non AAC files. I did this when I transferred my library to archive the analysis, but ran into problems with AAC files due to a known MusicIP issue with archiving analysis of AAC files. I've since deleted this filter. Could this help with diagnosis?)

Any thoughts welcome!