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2004-05-24, 22:41
For the last year or so, I have been running a small Compaq small form factor Deskpro PIII/500Mhz with windows 2000 Pro. It runs my ftp server, mail server and Slimserver apps OK, all with 256MB RAM and a 120GB disk. I have recently migrated to a larger box that will take more disk but if you dont need more than a single drive then the compaq is a fine machine for the job. I just picked up a couple on ebay for around 70UKP. Because is is small form factor, there is no room for an internal backup device but it has USB so no problem with anything USB attached. It will also boot with no keyboard or mouse attached if needed.

Richard Scales
richard (AT) scalesweb (DOT) co.uk

> My squeezebox wireless has not even arrived yet but I've managed to
> play around quite a bit with slimserver (on my G5) and softsqueeze (on
> my iBook). The thing is I'd prefer not to run the G5 24x7 and it's not
> clear from my searching if the squeezebox can send wake-on-lan packets
> (can it?).
> I was thinking that a small server could be a good solution, and that I
> could also use it for periodic network backups. The stuff I'm looking
> for is:
> 1) small, quiet, cool
> 2) 100baseT
> 3) iTunes support (I guess this means windows, not linux)
> 4) relatively inexpensive
> 5) fast enough to do some transcoding (and not have xp burden it too
> much if that's what's needed for #3)
> I've built a few shuttle systems for friends (amd athlon based) but I'm
> looking for something quieter/cooler/cheaper. Any suggestions? I've
> already got a kvm switch so it doesn't need to be headless. I'd prefer
> to run linux, but my music collection is about 95% iTunes/AAC-based so
> it seems that could be a problem.
> --
> John