View Full Version : Optimized Settings for D-Link Router(s)

2009-05-06, 17:06
I specifically have the DIR-655 and I was wondering if there are SBC/SBC users out there that have suggestions for an optimized setup of the D-Link DIR-655 router.

2009-05-06, 22:42
I have it too.
What in particular?
I haven't fiddled with QoS or anything.
I use channel 13, but my neighbour recently added a wifi point (it's open, too... fool), and I've been getting dropouts on the SB3 in the room that shares a wall with his apartment. I tried switching channels, and ch 13 offered the best reception (although it still isn't great).
So... are there any particular problems/questions/concerns that you have? I'm more than happy to help.