View Full Version : AlienBBC v2.4a5test-7.3 and Slimp3

2009-05-06, 01:58
Hi there,

I have recently upgraded to Squeezecenter 7.4, and I have encountered a problem with AlienBBC playback of BBC Live Streams. The streams play perfectly on my Squeezeboxes and Transporter, but do not work on my Slimp3. The logs give this error when I attempt to play:

[09-05-06 09:27:21.9231] Slim::Player::Song::open (341) Error: Couldn't create command line for rtsp playback for [rtsp://rmlive.bbc.co.uk/bbc-rbs/rmlive/ev7/live24/radio4/live/r4_dsat_g2.ra?BBC-UID=b4f9af7ab28923d3d59976db71fc6fc22b012dd4a07091 0424bf548648b0feca&SSO2-UID=]

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?


Gavin Sallery

2009-05-06, 03:50
Search is your friend.

Have you tried the solutions offered in the "Alien BBC fails on Slimp3" thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=58441

2009-05-06, 13:23
...so it is. Sorry about that, I tried searching initially but for some reason didn't spot that thread. My search-fu is obviously weak today.

In summary: changing the custom-convert.conf transcoding rate for rtsp -> mp3 did the trick.