View Full Version : Problems with status web page

John Gorst
2004-05-24, 07:48
When viewing the status page on the skins listed below (notably not the
default skin, always the handheld skin)I have a problem pressing links
on the web interface. When I press, for example, 'next' the browser says
'waiting for' with the hourglass. If I click on the link
again the updated status page will load up and the next song will start
playing (although the album art usually fails to load).

This used to only happen when I was transcoding mp3's to a lower
bitrate. However I have now started using flac files and these are
transcoded using flac-->wav (not to mp3 files - lame.exe does not appear
in the program list at the time of playing). The same problem now occurs.

handheld, webpad, touch, ruttenberg, olson, nbmu

Windows XP, P2 1600, 512mb, laptop
Client stream.mp3 and softsqueeze(0.5)
Using latest nightly (24th)

Hope someone can help with this problem!