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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-05-24, 04:07

Isn't musicbrainz (http://www.musicbrainz.org/) trying to solve this
issue by creating a accoustic fingerprint?


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Hi Stuffed One...

At 08:18 AM 5/23/2004, Stuffed Crust wrote:

I use a set of customized scripts tied into a database that:
1) keeps track of all files and their MD5sums
The checksums help me find duplicates and ensure that when I move files
around, I don't back up the same file twice.

I've been thinking about the same concept, maybe using SHA1
instead of M5, but that doesn't change much.

Question for you:

Do you just hash the whole file contents? (which is easy and fast) or
do you explicitly skip or explicitly include any ID3 or Ogg tags?

I can see including the tags, and I can see that it is easy to run
taggers that make small changes.
(changing the artist from "The Police" to "Sting and The Police"
is technically a change, but practically is not).

Clearly files that are really different, compressed at different
rates, different formats, etc. are different (and the hash will
show that) but I'm not sure what the "correct" or "best" answer
is on whether the tags are part of the file.

Clearly as we move to external databases, and integrating
external data sources (i.e. Mood Logic or URLs to artwork)
we want to keep the "essential file" the same as much as possible.

Backing up the database is a separate issue.