View Full Version : SB2 dead???

2009-05-01, 05:50
I'm quite a big fan of SB and own 3xSB2, 2xSB3 and 1xDuett with 2 receivers.
Since few weeks one of my SB2 does not work anymore. Something around the network seems to be broken. I tried configuration via DHCP, fixed IP address and WLAN. DHCP does not get any IP address (I have in my network a fixed range and a DHCP range), WLAN cannot find WLAN router and using fixed IP address does not find slim server.
The SB2 has FW 40. I tried factory reset but I'm unsure if it wokred (something flashed so fast I had no chance to read it).

Has anybody any idea what I can try or do? That's the squeezbox of my son and he is at the moment very frustrated...


Mark Lanctot
2009-05-01, 07:50
If it's FW 40, then it's actually an SB1.

Try temporarily wiring it to eliminate wireless as a problem.

It sounds like the reset didn't work - the reset notification goes by fast, but not fast enough that you can't read it.

2009-05-02, 02:26
Thanks for the tip. But wiring did not help.
The reset should work when I keep the '+' button pressed when powering on, right. But there is only very fast flash which I cannot read...

Anything else I can try?

Thanks, Whiteboard