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2004-05-23, 20:07
Does robocopy have a way of deleting orphans from the source directory?

Currently I am using a command line windows synching program called cmdsync
(it's part of filesync) and I call it every morning at 4AM. Cmdsync is
supposed to delete orphans, but I have discovered that it won't delete
orphan directories which is something I need my synch operation to do.

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> A second hard drive and rsync (http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/) is
> probably going to be the cheapest solution. Rsync means you're only
> copying data that has changed, so after the initial sync backups are
> going to be relatively quick.

Windows users can also have a look at robocopy.exe, a part of the Windows
2003 Server Resource Kit (which runs just fine on XP Home):


It has a few options, the simplest of which is the "mirror" option:

robocopy source_dir dest_dir /mir

I use this myself (via a perl script) to mirror "My Documents" on my C:
drive to my F: drive each morning, rotating through directories named for
days of the week. (So basically I have a rolling 7-day backup of the
contents of "My Documents", handy if you find you deleted or changed
something and want to grab a copy from, say, last Tuesday.)

As with rsync, it will only copy new/changed files, and also like rsync (but
unlike normal Windows file copies), it does so "robustly", so you can trust
the results of a file copy. (Microsoft claims this is what the "robo" part
of "robocopy" stands for -- robust -- though personally I'd be happier if
Windows operated robustly by default.)