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2004-05-23, 08:21
Hi Martin

I believe 5.1.3 was considerably more stable than 5.1.5 ( I am willing to be corrected on this, but it was for me)

What version of firmware are you on ?

5.1.6 is not an 'official' release and will potentially contain many bugs.

If you were happy with 5.1.3 and don't need the extra functionality of 5.1.5/6 have you considered rolling back to 5.1.3 ?

Martin Deeley <martin (AT) kingswinford (DOT) com> wrote:
I'd like to gather opinion from the more experienced users of this forum to
determine if I have a hardware problem with my new squeezebox or not.

I purchased the unit a few weeks ago from Dabs, a UK internet retailer, and
started using it with Slimserver 5.1.3 running on Windows XP Pro (SP1 + all
patches) with Netgear FS309T switch and ME102 WAP to provide connectivity.
I had a few problems with my initial set-up, but having read the FAQs about
Intel Pro100 LAN cards they were soon fixed. I was impressed.

However, upgrading to 5.1.4 and 5.1.5 was a nightmare and since then I have
been loading the nightly releases of 5.1.6 with varying levels of success.
To say I was unimpressed with the product was an understatement!

But now my squeezebox refuses to connect to my wireless network at all and
is quite hit and miss when using a wired connection. I suspect a hardware
fault is at the root of all my problems.

Any thoughts before I send it back.


Martin Deeley


Martin Deeley