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2004-05-23, 06:45
Hello Dave and the rest of the group,

Here is what I do, and it is a combination of what has already been suggested.

I picked up an old PII, 400 Mhz that was being used as a door stopper, and added several drives in the beast. I asked a friend if I could keep a computer at his place and use some of his bandwidth.

The first step was to copy my music collection (21000 + tracks) to that computer. Then I installed a synchronizing appllication that compares both file sets and updates any changes (essentially a backup). For this, I use http://www.websynchronizer.com/en/ but I am sure there is plenty of other such applications out there. I would think rSync would also work, but I am running everything on Windows.

I moved the "backup" computer to his place, configured the application to run nightly.

I now have my entire collection backed up automatically, overnight, and offsite.

With the price of hard drives, this is more economical than burning to DVDs and I don't have to do anything. I works on it own and keeps the backup off site !

I hope this helps.


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I'd get an external hard drive and sync everything up daily. If you're
paranoid, sync it up weekly and drop it off at a friend's house. I think
drives are cheap enough to be competitive with DVD backup especially
when you consider the convenience factor.


--- Dave Rodger <dave (AT) davidrodger (DOT) com> wrote:
> Hey--
> I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for what they use to back up
> their music collection to archival DVDs? My library's around 35GB or so,
> all MP3s at this point; it's on a Linux sever, but the DVD burner's on the
> Windows box. I'm looking for something that can do both Full and
> Incremental (because I add new music only occasionally, and don't want to
> burn the whole collection each time if I don't need to.) What are people
> using?