View Full Version : PC and squeezebox sync issue resolved

2009-04-29, 23:11
G'day all,

after months of trawling the net & these forums i have finally got my mediacentre and my squeezebox to sync

run squeezecentre on the mediacentre PC (its only called a mediacentre cause its got all my stuff on it, its just a standard dual core, 2Gig RAM, XP mediacentre)

run squeezeslave

enter the latency in msec's into the "audio start up delay" in the squeezeslave menu under 'settings - syncronise' and adjust from there.... ensure that you delay the squeezeslave NOT THE SQUEEZEBOX

my delay as given on squeezeslave was 121ms and it sounds great with a setting in squeezecentre of about 150ms... remember you will be taking into account distance between rooms, speakers, listening position etc in determining the best delay.

I have also entered the network latency of the SQUEEZEBOX as the given value on squeezeslave as 121ms, but buggered if i know whether it makes a difference or if it has anything to do with it at all

i have no issues now except with tracks that are not standard mp3's. you can watch a decoding error (0x0238) show on squeezeslave, then there is an irreconcilable delay that occurs between the two systems, not sure how to overcome this, but i just pick the next track and everything is sweet again

many thanks to everyone on the fourm that provided me with info, whether they knew it or not, that got me to this happy place!!

Peace out

2009-04-30, 04:26
See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=59160 for a description of the libmad error.

2009-04-30, 04:44
Cheers Ralphy, looks like i'll suffer in my jocks with it then

2009-04-30, 13:08
....my delay as given on squeezeslave was 121ms and it sounds great with a setting in squeezecentre of about 150ms...

Congrats! I used to have perfect sync with my SBs and Softsqueeze before 7.3. Now its crap!

Regarding the above, are you saying that somehow/somewhere squeezeslave told you what the delay was? I've never used squeezeslave. I use softsqueeze or squeezeplay on my pc. Would there be somewhere I could find out what the delay is? I've tinkered with the settings in sqzctr but have never been able to get it right to sync properly again. I've about given up.

2009-04-30, 16:42

Softsqueeze doesn't tell you anything

Yet to try Squeezeplay... i have another PC i would like to add to the broadcasting network and was going to try it some time this week.

squeezeslave is super small, its a little command window that shows your output device options, the selected output device and the latency associated with it.