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2004-05-22, 16:16
DVD at only 4GB per disc is a poor way to backup a music collection. Get an
external firewire or USB 2.0 hard drive, and use an application like
filesync (freeware, works well) to keep everything you want backed up. You
can install Samba on the Linux box and mount it to the windows machine as a
network share quite easily.

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I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for what they use to back up
their music collection to archival DVDs? My library's around 35GB or so,
all MP3s at this point; it's on a Linux sever, but the DVD burner's on the
Windows box. I'm looking for something that can do both Full and
Incremental (because I add new music only occasionally, and don't want to
burn the whole collection each time if I don't need to.) What are people