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2009-04-27, 13:29

How can I see whether SlimServer is still running on my QNAP TS-101? Everything has been going fine between my SB3 but now things have stopped.

I am trying to connect using SoftSqueeze :9000 and also via the SB3 yet I cannot appear to connect.

I can connect via :6000 to the QNAP itself, but this is seperate to the SlimServer.

Cheers, Nigel

PS - I am using a Netgear router to hook it all together.
PSS - My ISP has changed, will this change anything?

2009-04-27, 14:05
If i remember right, it uses a different port on the Qnap boxes because of Twonky also using Port 9000. Try 9001 or 9009.

2009-04-27, 14:21
Thanks for this, I don't think I have Twonky on there, I bought the TS-101 pre-installed with SlimServer.

Also I did try but it did not work.

- Do you have to have the SB on a working Internet connection?
- Also, is there a way of knowing if the SlimServer application is still running? (I can get into the Admin of the TS-101)

Cheers, Nigel

2009-04-27, 20:36
I've got slimserver on my TS-101. My installation was packaged by "progressiveAV" but installed myself. The progressive package installs on port 9000. However you should try the other ports suggested above to confirm.

I've had this same problem and for me the only way to fix it was to uninstall then re-install slimserver, which unfortunately means losing your data on the HDD. You do need to follow the instructions carefully and it's all command line. I'll see if I can dig up the instructions.

It is certainly nothing to do with your ISP.

2009-04-27, 20:45
If you have already had SlimServer installed on your TS-101/201 and you have had a crash of some description and SlimServer and/or your Qnap shares are no longer functioning then you need to use the following instructions to re-install everything. Please note that this will involve reformatting your installed hard drive/s so you will loose everything.

1. Using the command line Telnet into your TS-101/201 using the following command: "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 13131" (don't include the quotes) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = the IP address of your TS-101/201
2. Login as the administrator (U: administrator P: admin)
3. Enter the following commands:
>>>> mkdir /tmp/flash
>>>> mount /dev/mtdblock4 /tmp/flash
>>>> rm /tmp/flash/autorun.sh
>>>> umount /tmp/flash
>>>> reboot

2009-04-27, 20:47
Qnap TS-101/201 Self Install for SlimServer 6.3.1

**** Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd ****
takes no responsibility for the use of the information or files linked to on this web page. If you use this information then you do so at your own risk!

Ok all you need to do to install SlimServer 6.3.1 on your Qnap TS-101/201 is follow the following steps:

1. Make sure that Telnet is enabled on your TS-101/201. You can check this by looking at the firmware version on the Qnap web admin screen. If the firmware version ends in a T then Telnet is enabled
2. Download the install package at the link to your desktop http://www.progressiveav.com/ts101_update/install/ts101201/install_ts101201.rar
3. Un-RAR the contents of the install package to the root of the Public share on your TS-101/201
4. Using the command line Telnet into your TS-101/201 using the following command: "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 13131" (don't include the quotes) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = the IP address of your TS-101/201
5. Login as the administrator (U: administrator P: admin)
6. Enter the following command: "cd /share/HDA_DATA/Public". If you have two drives in your system then enter the following command: "cd /share/MD0_DATA/Public" (don't include the quotes)
7. To start the install procedure enter the following command: "./install.sh"

The install package will now install itself. When the task has completed and the Telnet prompt has returned type: "reboot" and let the TS-101/201 reboot completely and finish the installation of the package.

Once complete you should be able to see SlimServer 6.3.1 on port 9000 of the IP address of your TS-101/201 (as long as you don't have the Twonky Media Server running on that port).