View Full Version : Automated reboot of my server

2009-04-27, 03:13

I seems to have small hickups on my system once in a while so I thought of one thing. If I could set it to reboot every morning at 6 then everything would be ready for morning radio.

I am running XP on a HP nc6220 laptop so how do I make a task that does this automated every morning?

Can any of you share some ideas on this?



2009-04-27, 03:34
Use the Task Scheduler in Windows XP to create an task, repeating daily, using the SHUTDOWN command. Despite its name, SHUTDOWN can be used to carry out a reboot as well by passing the -r command.

At a guess, it will be something like:

at 06:00 SHUTDOWN /l /r /c

Which should shutdown and reboot the local computer that the task is running on and will force all programs to quit (in case any are locked up). Could lead to data loss though. You should check the correct syntaxes though.

2009-04-27, 04:16
thanks for the help. What if the pc is in standby at the time - is there a solution to start the pc then and then set it to shutdown and reboot?

2009-04-27, 04:58
In practice it may depend on the precise BIOS that your computer is running, but what should work is when you create the new task, open up the advanced properties for the task, click Settings, and check "wake the computer to run this task", and click OK.