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2009-04-26, 12:47
Hi gods of Squeezeboxes!!!!!

I have a SB3 and a wifi network, what the SB3 receives.

I need internet on ethernet cable.
(my wife is working for a bank. I have wifi, no cable at home. for security reasons she needs to attach her laptop to ethernet)

Can I just attach the laptop to the sb3, and I will enjoy internet?

Or do I need to do something extra???


2009-04-26, 14:09
If you have a router you can plug your wifes laptop into it with a cable..

2009-04-26, 16:05
Thanks for the brilliant response, but it misses the point.

I HAVE a wireless network with the router in one corner of the house.

I NEED wired internet in ANOTHER place of the house (don't want to trip over cable), and want to use the SB3, which should give internet on the ethernet cable, at least it's in the instructions.

I want to make sure if I'm not assuming anything wrongly abut the ethernet socket of the SB, happily receiving the wifi signal.

Is there someone knowing something about the etghernet socket of the SB3 out there???

2009-04-26, 19:03
Please see the response in your other thread.

2009-04-27, 01:50
Got it it's DOABLE!!!