View Full Version : Firewall Issues?

2009-04-26, 11:42
With the help of some people here, I have a SB Classic set up outside a router and firewall from my server running Squeezecenter. Basically the server and my LAN are in the 172.16.7.xxx range. The SBC is outside a router with the router's WAN interface set at and the SBC is set at I can access Squeezecenter and see listings of my music files and listings of my favorites (although one favorite keeps disappearing from this and another classic and the Boom!).

I have two problems:

1) When I try to play an internet radio station, it never comes up. I get the message that it's trying to connect, but it never does. When I play a stream from an internet radio station, does Squeezecenter access the stream, then buffer it and send it out to the SBs on my LAN that play it, or does each SB access the LAN and that stream directly? Or does each SB go through the Squeeze Network or something? In other words, how do SBs play internet radio streams back?

2) On this SBC, that's outside this firewall, I can easily and successfully play one stream that originates on a server on my LAN. When I try to play any playlist or select an artist or album, it plays the first track, but the progress bar showing how much has been played does not update at all and when the track is done, that's it -- the next track never starts. I suspect that without the time being updated, the SBC doesn't know the track is done and that it's time to go to the next track. Is this info sent on a different port other than 9000? I've planned for port 9000 and 3483 (or something like that -- the one specified for SB and Squeezecenter discovery), but no other ports other than DNS. Do I need to open it up for another port?

Thanks for any help and info on these issues!