View Full Version : BBC radio 1 & 2: "500 Internal Server Error"

2009-04-26, 08:39

Yesterday I lost access to BBC radio 1 and 2 via the "UK only" stream. The player displays the message "500 Internal Server Error". Seems to work fine on the other BBC channels and everything else. I've tried rebooting with no success. I've had squeezeboxes for some years now but I'm no techno-wizz - anyone got any suggestions for what I should try next?
Oh, I don't know whether it helps but I'm running three squeezeboxes using SqueezeCenter 7.3.2 on Windows XP.
Advice or suggestions welcome!


2009-04-26, 14:22
I was getting an Internal Server error when trying to play 6Music the other day, but this was through SqueezeNetwork. I went back and called it directly from the favourite I have saved instead of the link in Now Playing and the stream started fine. I wonder if the BBC are messing about with things.... or perhaps a server or two has died.

2009-04-27, 00:06
Hi Funkstar,

Thanks for the reply.
I've tried selecting Radio 1 and 2 from the PC rather than from the squeezeboxes - plus from softsqueeze but the problem remains. It still confuses me that I can get radio 3 and 4 - perhaps the machine thinks I need a bit of culture!
Tonight I'll try re-installing SqueezeCentre, or installing the latest nightly release, and see whether that helps.


2009-04-27, 00:53
A 500 code error means it is the BBC problem not an SC problem. It will do no good re-installing SC.

It is possible SC is caching the error and so making it last longer than necessary - in which case, stop SC, clear your FileCache directory in SC cache and restart SC.

2009-04-27, 10:41
Thanks BPA - you've saved me wasting time on a strategy that couldn't work. I have no insight into the meaning of the error message so I didn't know where to start.
I followed your advice but it didn't help so I guess all I can do is wait and hope the BBC resolve things soon. Odd that it isn't affecting everyone but I don't really understand what's going on. (OK, I know - that was stating the obvious!)


2009-04-27, 11:08
i had this problem as well with the internel radio UK only versions of the stations. I switched to using alien bbc version and it works fine.

2009-04-27, 11:19
I lost Radio 4 today, i think the BBC have been making some changes. The feed in my favourites that i used was via RadioTime. I noticed there was another feed for Radio 4 which is working perfectly (as is iPlayer Listen live). I have had to do this before, i thought the whole point of radiotime was that you subscribe to a feed through there servers and they take care of maintaining the actual link to BBC etc.

2009-04-27, 13:49
BBC Radio still appears to be working through Internet Radio -> More Radio -> RadioFeeds UK & Ireland! :)

2009-04-27, 14:06
........... i thought the whole point of radiotime was that you subscribe to a feed through there servers and they take care of maintaining the actual link to BBC etc.

In theory this is correct. But if RadioTime does not update it's stream URL info, or RadioTime is not informed of updated/changed URL's, then RadioTime will attempt to send a dead URL. :(

Although rare, I've experienced this with vTuner and ShoutCast as well. I can see trying to maintain 10's of thousands of streams, which often change URL's over time, can be quite a challenge. :)