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Clive Chater
2004-05-22, 09:26
As far as I am aware, all the Squeezeboz does, as far as the remote control
is concerned, is relay the signals to the server which then executes the
commands and updates the display on the squeezebox. If the server is not
responding, the Squeezebox will not do anything you tell it from the remote;
not even switch off. Power cycling does make it check for the server once
more and therefore things start to behave normally (assuming it sees the

There are much more experienced people here than me that might be able to
add to this, but I believe I am right on this.


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Hello all,

We had a power outage here yesterday morning. I found our Squeezebox at
the "lost contact with Slimserver" message, but it wouldn't respond to
any keys on the remote.

I ultimately had to disconnect and reconnect the power to bring it back

Don't know if the server side would impact this, but I was running CVS
as of 5/20 sometime.

-- Lars