View Full Version : MP3 to MP3 transcoding broken?

Roland Fischer
2004-05-22, 04:27
Thanks for your help - you're right, since a restart of the server MP3-MP3
is working as expected.

But I've found another 2 weird things:

# when u create a large playlist and the playlist window in the browser is
refreshed while the server is creating the playlist 2 things occur:
* the first entry of the playlist is displayed repeatetly until the end of
the first page is reached
* for every (wrong) entry in the playlist i get a "Use of uninitialized
value in array element at F:/SLIMSERVER/slim/server/Slim/Player/Playlist.pm
line 39."

And sometimes I get "getpeername() on closed socket GEN10 at
C:/Perl/lib/IO/Socket.pm line 206." in the server window, what does this

Are such messages something to take care or just ignore it as long as the
server doesn't crash?

And another minor issue:
You can set a value for the max. bitrate although lame.exe isn't installed
correctly. It's clear that there will ne no transcoding in this case, but
the message "Converted to xxkbps CBR" is displayed anyway.

Is it possible to add other (lower) bitrates to the web interface? Where can
I do this?