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Dave Parboo
2004-05-21, 14:09
Okay - Changing the skin does not make a difference (by the way, how do I
change back to my original skin?!). However, Tag&Rename works fine as you

Many Thanks


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Quoting Dave Parboo <dave.parboo (AT) btopenworld (DOT) com>:

> Hi,
> Okay - I've blanked both fields and cleared cache and the Slim device (the
> hardware) is now fine - however the SlimServer software remains as I have
> described.

does changing the skin help at all?

as for the COMMENT problem you described before, I'm wondering if you
tags are somehow unicode format. Slimserver displays Unicode with sometimes
results. Try retagging a file with Tag & Rename, perhaps. Try a simple
and see if that helps.