View Full Version : Will not play album bought from Amazon

2009-04-19, 15:54
I have purchased several albums in mp3 format from Amazon over the last couple of months. All of them play fine using my Duet except one. That one plays fine in Songbird and iTunes, but the duet just quickly skips over each song and does not play them.

I have check file permission and they are fine. Another album I bought on the same day plays fine.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any idea how to fix it?

I have tried power-cycling the duet, and restarted squeezecenter, but nothing has helped.



2009-04-19, 20:48
You could check the server.log file to see what it shows when it skips over the files. There is a link to view the log in SqueezeCenter WebUI: Settings > Information tab.

I'd also check the file path for anything unusual, like odd characters, etc.

What album is it? Maybe someone else here has bought it from Amazon.

2009-04-19, 21:06
Strangely enough I also had a problem with an Amazon download this week. It was a song by Taylor Swift. My problem is different however in that the song is not visible in the music folder. It is there, and plays fine from that location using Windows Media Player. There is nothing strange in the file or folder names and a full rescan of my music library did not make the song available.

Not sure if there is any relation to your issue but the timing is oddly coincidental.

Phil Leigh
2009-04-19, 21:08
drm infected?

2009-04-19, 21:25
Maybe just a bad download. Try to convert it if you have a program to do that. You should be able to re download it. I'd try that and see. I've never had a problem with an Amazon download but it could happen. (and no Phil, no drm)