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2009-04-17, 23:31
I've got 4 SB3s and for the first time tried listening by plugging in headphones to the jack at the back of the unit. No sound is coming out, although I've tested the headphones on other devices and they work fine. I recalled (perhaps in earlier versions of SC?) there being an enable/disable for headphones(?) but can't seem to find it after trawling through all the settings. I've also tried plugging my headphones into the other SB3 units, but none seem to have it enabled. I've never used IR Blaster (which uses the headphone jack and can, I think, toggle it to 'off')
Under Setting/Player/Audio the relevant settings are...
Disable Outputs when Off
Preamp volume settings: 0

Any suggestions what I need to do to get headphone mojo?

2009-04-20, 00:09
Does anyone out there know how to remedy this?



2009-04-20, 02:32
This is probably no help at all but I had the same issue a couple of months ago.

I bought a 2 x phono plug to 3.5mm socket lead from ebay, when I received it I found out the headphone socket was working again!

I hadn't made any changes in the meantime so it was a total mystery to me.

2009-04-20, 06:19
I'm sure that would work, but I've got the machine hooked up to a set of speakers through the phono/RCA jacks, so don't want to pull the thing out each time and reconnect.
I'm sure there's simple config issue, if only I could get to the bottom of it!
Thanks though.

2009-09-07, 08:14
Does anyone out there know how to remedy this?



Was there ever a solution for this?