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2009-04-16, 18:01
I was just reading the "Any new toys coming out from SD?" thread and I read jrfuda's post about SqueezePhones. jrfuda is basically asking for wireless headphones that works like a SqueezeBox.

Has anybody tried to connect a BlueTooth headset to the computer running a SqueezePlayer? Some Bluetooth headset solutions come with analog (3.5mm stereo) connection. I'm talking about a bluetooth dongle on the computer so the connection is digital all the way to the earpiece.

Has anybody tried this?

2009-04-17, 02:04
Nope. But that mainly down to being lazy.

I have a tiny USB BT dongle on my desktop PC that I keep meaning to pair with my stereo hand free I just my phone, but never get round to it.

It should be trivial enough to get working, as long as Squeezeplay uses the right audi output device. Though not all BT dongles support A2DP, and in Windows (I know thats not what VortexBox uses) you need aditional software as the Windows BT stack doesn't support this. Though I think that is changing with Vista SP2 as it has a brand new BT stack with loads more functionality (like data tethering over BT).

But i would still rather have a set of SqueezeBox HeadPhones as described in that thread, staying within 3-10m of the server would be a complete pain. With wifi headphones you could wander round hour house at night listening to music and not disturb anyone else there.

2009-04-17, 02:11
Sort of. Before I bought a Boom, I was playing music in the garden via a set of A2DP speakers, with the USB dongle plugged into a PC running SoftSqueeze. Worked fine.

2009-04-17, 05:49
I have a high power bluetooth dongle. It's on a 1m cord so I can put the dongle up high away from the PC. This gives me a range of more like 70m with no problems. I'll play around with it and see how hard it is to get working.