View Full Version : Need some advice..just got a Tungsten C and hope to use itasa remote for squeeze box

Lukas Hinsch
2004-05-20, 16:08
try the handheld skin: http://localhost:9000/Handheld/ this should work a
lot better on limited small screen browser.


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> Subject: [slim] Need some advice..just got a Tungsten C and
> hope to use it asa remote for squeeze box
> The tungsten c comes with builtin 802.11b and a fairly nice screen and
> browser.
> The problem I'm having is with the split page the slimserver uses to
> control the squeezebox. When I separate the pages into
> distinct URL's I
> have no problem starting and stopping the player. However
> when I go to the
> music folder and hit play for a given directory I get a "This
> browser does
> not support pop ups" error from the PDA.
> I'm curious are there any other alternative UI's ? Anyone
> working on a UI
> for small screens and limited browsers?
> I'm pretty good with perl and web development so I may start
> to look into
> this (unfortunately my new job is about 60 hours a week)
> which leaves me
> little time (but I am motivated).
> Does anyone have any suggestions on getting started on a project like
> this? Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how I should approach
> spec'ing this out?
> Thanks,
> -e