View Full Version : SlimServer/iTunes Music Count Discrepancies

Mike Reeve
2004-05-20, 10:20

To follow up my earlier post under "Couple of bugs discovered in 5/19 nightly":

-Hmmm ...
-... I haven't been cross-checking between SlimServer & iTunes for a while
-because things seemed to have stabilised a while ago,
-however, after reading Jason's post I did a quick check
-and see that SlimServer reports 155 albums, 2336 songs, 117 artists
-BUT iTunes reports 156, 2233, 117 :-O
-[SlimServer_v2004-05-20.dmg, iTunes 4.5, OS X 10.2.8]
-I haven't yet had the time to go through the two reports line-by-line
-to look for the discrepancies ...
-Dean: Do you still have the copy of my "iTunes Music Library.xml" file?
- Perhaps you can find a clue in that ...?

As another data point I just switched from
my usual "Use iTunes" to "Do Not Use iTunes"
and set the Music Folder to "...../iTunes/iTunes Music"
AND now SlimServer reports 155, 2233, 117 :-O

So we have three different triplets ...