View Full Version : WMA streams cause my SB3 to crash

2009-04-11, 05:23
This was originally in this thread:http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=414622#post414622

However, the origin of that was BBC 96K WMA streams seamed to cause my SB3 to reboot, but since then I've found its not specific to BBC, but WMA in general, and not specifically from my Squeezecenter, but also from Squeezenetwork too.

The problem is that it is very erratic. Sometimes the streams work with no problem. Other times they consistently cause my SB3 to reboot after a few seconds of play.

Personally, I find this very aggravating, not so much because the stream fails, but because of how badly the SB3 is handling it - I really don't expect it to crash.

I tried to capture some logging when this last happened - its appended at the end of the thread mentioned above. I'll re-attached it to this thread if it helps, but I don't want to duplicate things (more than I already have!).

I'm running SC 7.3.3 (from March 9th), on Ubuntu 8.10.
I'm on 20Mb Virgin cable, and my SB3 is attached wirelessly to the network (with no problems).

I'm going slowly mad over this one!

Would be good to know for a start if I'm the only person experiencing this!