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2009-04-11, 02:45
Hi all,

Before I start, thanks to you Erland for all the work you do on some very useful plugins.

I have CustomBrowse installed. I've used this to replace the standard Genre menu with a Genre/SubGenre one, as I have some classical music which is tagged in a way to support a limited tree like that. It works very well. I also have inserted a "Composers" menu in the Browse menu, again works very well.

I'd like to add a menu, probably outside of the Browse, which gives access to a limited genre for my daughter. All her stuff is tagged with her name. This sounds like a job for "Multilibrary", but I have to confess I don't really understand how ML works, and its connection with CustomBrowse.

What does ML provide that CB doesn't, and visa-versa? Do I actually need ML to do what I'm looking for?

Any help appreciated.


2009-04-11, 10:16
You don't need ML for this. Just create a new CB menu from the filtered artists menu (or the filtered artists per letter menu). in the setup of this menu you can include or exclude genres. You can even let this menu show in the toplevel of your squeezebox(es).

2009-04-11, 11:57
Thanks Raven22.

So what does ML actually do, how does it supplement or differ from CB?

What I specifically would like is the following:

Under the Music LIbrary menu on the SB3 interface, a menu called "My daughters library", then under that a list of all the appropriate albums, but also a sub menu item pointing to artists (the reverse of the detault behaviour).

2009-04-11, 12:04
i never used ML, so i don't know.

There is a filtered album (per letter) and a filtered artist (per letter) menu within CB.
But a sub menu i never tried it myself, just go ahead and see if you can make it work.

2009-04-11, 12:26
Thanks for the info.

I'd still like to understand more of what MultiLibrary can do though.

2009-04-11, 23:42
The Multi Library plugin is basically a way to define several libraries. You can have the library definition in one place instead of redefining it in all the menus for a specific library.

It's also possible to create menus that are tied to the currently active library and let the user select library when power on the Squeezebox. This way you can always have the same menu structure but the contents is different depending on which library that is selected.

The Multi Library plugin itself doesn't do anyting but defining the library and keeping track of which songs that belongs to a specific library. It requires Custom Browse if you want browse menus. Browse menus can be created from the Custom Browse settings page but there is also a shortcut in the Multi Library page, with check boxes which can be checked to create certain browse menus for the library. In both cases it results in a browse menu in Custom Browse where the "Library" parameter is set. The checkboxes is just a way to simplify the menu creation.

So to sum it up, if you only want a single browse menu with custom contents you are probably fine with only the Custom Browse plugin. If you want a similar set of browse menus for each family member you probably want to use Multi Library to simplify the configuration.

If you want to filter by directory path you will also have to use Multi Library since this isn't possible through the standard Custom Browse menus.

2009-04-12, 06:26
Thanks for that explanation Erland, clears it up nicely.

CB is probably all I need for now.