View Full Version : Itunes showing empty/not playing

2009-04-11, 01:18
Frustration continues with my duet set up

Has been working ok for weeks and now for some reason I cannot access my Itunes library under Music Folder - Itunes - Itunes Music - Play All

Its the Play All function which doesnt seem to be working

I tried to rescan and it stopped around 7,100 of around 22k tracks

Tried most things and the thing doesnt seem to want to play

Can still access individual artists last fm, internet radio etc but cant seem to do a 'shuffle' on my entire library anymore

I really dont understand it just did a rescan and the tracks dropped from 22k to 11k and its showing scan complete? Eh?

Also itunes still showing the 22k - they are all tagged and previously worked with SB

2009-04-12, 01:48
ok latest update - now showing 33k songs; 11k more than I actually have and even so I still cant play anything

last fm; internet radio; bbc iplayer etc all work