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2004-05-20, 07:30
If you installed with the RPM then slimserver is already running (more than

service slimserver status

The .pl should be running, just point your web browser to the box on port
9000 to config it.

If it's not running then type service slimserver start.

The default installation directory on my RH box went to

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now i have installed the linux server soft on my router with "rpm -i

if i now want to start the server with the command "perl slimserver start"
it prompts the following:
slimserver: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions: No such file or directory
slimserver: /etc/sysconfig/network: No such file or directory
slimserver: [: =: unary operator expected Starting SlimServer: slimserver:
daemon: command not found

What am i doing wrong?? I am running perl v 5.6.1 with a Suse Linux basic
system. But be aware of the fact that i am a REALLY noob on linux things.

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