View Full Version : iTunes Update plugin: nothing happens running iTunesUpdate.pl

2009-04-10, 12:11
Thanks for the SlimServer plugin: iTunes Update.
I have downloaded and installed version 2.7.0. I am running: SqueezeCenter 7.3.2.

But I can’t get it working?

I have set 'Automatically run on system start' and disabled 'direct update'. Instead I run iTunesUpdate.pl manually but nothing happens in Itunes? I have changed a line in iTunesUpdate.pl. But as I do not know how to script Perl it might be here I have made a mistake?

die "usage: iTunesUpdateWin.pl <iTunes Update history file> [loop seconds]\n" unless ($filename);
die "usage: iTunesUpdateWin.pl “C:\Users\Jacob\Music\Playlist\itunes_hist.txt” 900\n" unless ($filename);

The file itunes_hist.txt is updated all right, but I can find any log files from the run of iTunesUpdate.pl. So it is difficult to say what went wrong.

Could someone be so kind to advise?

Craig, James \(IDEAS\)
2009-04-15, 02:10
iTunesUpdate.pl should log directly to the command line when running - are you not getting any output?


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