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2009-04-09, 06:55
I've been enjoying the 31 day free napster subscription on my SB2 and my recently acquired SB boom. The free offer is about to expire over the weekend and have decided to go for one of the monthly subscription offers. Having read a little about this there looks to be 2 choices:

Napster to go: allows unlimited downloads to 3 PCs and transfer to one of the compatible MP3 players (right now you get a free one as part of the subscription). 15 per month.

Napster unlimited: the same as Napster to go but without the transfers to an MP3 player. 10 per month.

I think I read both of these should work with SB streaming? I also read that bitrates for music from napster are 128kbit/s streamed and 192kbit/s downloaded? (i.e. the downloaded tracks would offer higher quality)

The question I've not found an answer to is if I download a track to my PC (using either of the above subscription options), would I be able to play the downloaded tracks on my squeezeboxes and therefore get the better quality - or would the DRM protection prevent this in both cases?

2009-04-10, 08:24
As far as I understand it, the 128 streams play fine over the Squeezenetwork and Squeezecentre, I can certainly vouch for this.
The downloads are DRM'd and won't play over the SC once saved on the PC. There are probably ways of getting round the DRM such as burning to CD-audio and re-ripping, but I don't really know an awful lot about that.

2009-04-12, 11:18
Seems like it's more trouble than it's worth and I guess re-ripping would affect the quality... Thanks for the reply anyway.

2009-04-12, 15:42
Paul, have you checked that your free trial actually has expired? You might be surprised...

2009-04-14, 01:47
Paul, have you checked that your free trial actually has expired? You might be surprised...

Sssshh! ;)