View Full Version : Couple of bugs discovered in 5/19 nightly

2004-05-19, 21:55
Another data point on this.

After an hour the slimserver process is (apparently) still scanning the
library and using up 50% of the CPU. Typically it has taken slimserver.pl
about 5-10 minutes to scan my entire library and then the process drops down
to about 1-3% utilization.

Also on the web interface it is now reporting "Slimserver is still scanning
your music library"... weird.


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Subject: [slim] Couple of bugs discovered in 5/19 nightly

I noticed some very weird things going on with my slimp3 player (on the 5/17
nightly) so I updated the SliMP3 to the 2.3 firmware. I decided to also
update the slimserver to 5/19 and noticed some weird things going on in this

After scanning my music library Slimserver says that I have 55 albums 4200
tracks in 40 albums. Something here is pretty goofed up, as the library
does all appear to be there.

More important problem. After this update my Slimp3 refused to work, when
selecting music it would just cycle through all of the tracks in the
playlist and never output any audio (even though squeezebox was working

I looked at the player settings and noticed that bitrate limiting was set to
64kbps on the slimp3. I changed this to 320kbps and now it appears to be
working fine.