View Full Version : More Pause control problems

2004-05-19, 17:25
I have installed the latest (may 18) slimserver build
on win 2k using active perl (not .exe).

Having problems with Pause function.

To recreate:
start playing playlist. pause song. power off.
power back on one time later (seems that it takes
15-20 minutes but shorter times may also work).
Song is still paused. press pause again and song
starts playing. Watching the buffer drain down,
finally the song stops. Pressing play again starts it
back playing.

I see similar behavior if I pause for an extended time
(20-30 minutes) the press pause (to 'unpause') again.
The buffer display drains down until the music stops.

I've seen this over the last several months.

Player Firmware Version: 23
SlimServer Version: 5.1.6 (may 18 build)

Any ideas? Nothing out of the ordinary on the Active
Perl console window.