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2009-04-05, 14:40
Starting today, I am unable to tune into Live365.

The station in question is one of my favorites and has been that way for several months.

I can hear the station by listening on the Live365 web player.

I logged into my SqueezeNetwork account and checked the login for the station and logged in again.

I also rebooted my router and the machine on which SqueezeCenter is installed.

I am getting the following audio message when I attempt to tune in:

"8018 Your session is invalid. Please verify that you are logged in properly and try listening again"

I get the same error on my 2 Booms and a Duet.

Any ideas on how to handle this issue?

I have made no changes to my Squeezebox setup recently. Other internet radio stations play fine.

Setup: Windows Vista SP1 with Squeezecenter 7.3.2, Linksys WRT-54GL router


2009-04-05, 15:20
Unclear what my solution was.

I deleted the station which happened to be a favorite on SqueezeNetwork as well as on SqueezeCenter.

SqueezeCenter crashed at some point, and I restarted it.

I deleted the Live365 login info from SqueezeNetwork and added it back in...no changes.

Anyway it's working now.

Whatever. It only took me an hour to iron out this weird bug.

2009-04-06, 06:39
I feel like I have been having the same problem with one of my l365 favourites, and will try your strategy.

2009-04-19, 02:55
Same problem here - deleted the faves, deleted the live365-account in SqueezeNetwork, reconnected the Squeezebox to the Squeezenetwork, to no avail.
Anyone got a solution for this?

2009-04-19, 07:18
Seems to be something with the stream format. My SB3 players deliver an error to this effect (~"player unable to play stream format"), whereas my Boom seems able to play the affected stations.

2009-04-19, 09:53
So you still haven't found a fix for this issue?

2009-04-19, 13:08
Ok, for me, the solution was this:
Having deleted the live365-account in SqueezeNetwork, I typed my user name all in lower case letters, although the first letter was supposed to be written in CAPITALS.
After writing the user name with a capital, all's back to normal now.
Good luck.

2009-04-20, 07:20
That doesn't work for me unfortunately. Tried upgrading to latest stable build (7.3.2), with no luck. Filed bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11857).

2009-04-21, 16:22

Anyone having this issue, please add yourself to the bug and provide logs

2009-04-30, 10:07
Starting yesterday I also became unable to listen to Live365. I am using only SqueezeNetwork and a Squeezebox Boom. I do not have SqueezeCenter installed. When I attempted to play any of my Favorites which were Live365 I would get the audio message "8018 Your session is invalid. Please verify that you are logged in properly and try listening again". I made several attempts to resolve this by deleting my Favorites and I removed the Live365 account login info in SqueezeNetwork and then went back and reentered the login info and Favorites and that did not solve the problem. My Live365 account name is something like: "AbcDeF" with that mixture of lower and uppercase being correct and working properly before both in SqueezeNetwork and at the Live365 online site as well. After reading "humanocide"'s post I again removed my Live365 account login info in SqueezeNetwork but when I reentered it, I did it INCORRECTLY as "ABCDEF" and now it works fine! Note that I left the login info incorrect -- I did not enter it incorrectly and then go back and correct it (afraid to try that)!