View Full Version : Setting up new server

2009-04-04, 06:08
Please ignore below - I've just got it to work by copying settings across again - on (about) the 4th attempt.

I've just built a mini-ITX pc to use as a dedicated music server.

I copied all my flac files across
installed SqueezeCenter
copied all the application files etc for my custom browse menus
set-up the file structure the same (except location of SqueezeCenter prog - C: instead of E:)
The custom libraries appear as they should in Squeezecenter
I scanned my music but nothing appears under my custom menus but it's all there under the standard menus.

I've tried to start from scratch, i.e. a clean install without copying the settings from the existing server but setting up a library from scratch.
Same result.

Any ideas anyone?