View Full Version : SB3 not turning on after extended time unplugged

2009-04-04, 05:40
I'm having an odd problem with my new SB3 (classic). Already have two booms and a duet and have never had any issues setting up or using any of these. I set up a new SB3 in a room with wireless to access SN. Worked well for two weekends. I always unplug the powerstrip that stereo and SB is connected to when I'm away. On a return after 2 weeks, I turned on power strip and got nothing from SB3. Screen is blank. Never saw the usual booting up screen (logitech, connecting, etc.). The SB is getting some power at least (the "red" glow behind the optical digital out is there). Tried plugging and unplugging several times. Tried the usual "hold ADD button down when plugging back in" or "Hold #1 button down". And it was not the "brightness" being turned to off either. Nothing worked. Tested the remote control on an SB Boom and remote is working ok. Tried for about an hour and nothing ever worked---screen was blank and apparently dead. Went to bed, and first thing this morning, the time screen saver is on the SB3, I turned it on with power button and started listening to SN. It has been playing for the last hour just fine. Firmware was up to date by the way.

Do I have a faulty unit (or faulty power supply)? Is it something related to being unplugged for two weeks? (although note, after initial SB3 install, it was unplugged for one week and fired back up as soon as plugged in). Has anyone else had this problem.

2009-04-06, 00:15
The power supplies for the SB3s are known to have short lifespans (read: a little dodgy). I wouldn't be surprised if it was something funky with the PSU.
And just FYI; the optical light on the SB3 will still turn on even when there isn't enough power running to the unit. So don't cancel out the PSU as being a problem just because the little red light is on.
If it happens again, I would consider a new PSU.
The required specs for PSUs have been posted on the forums many times; just do a search.