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2009-04-03, 11:47
So I'm trying to figure out when the artwork for a given track changes after using the plugin and saving the found cover art. I havent done extensive testing - but I havent seen the cover art change. I've cleared the Browser Cache and reloaded the web interface. Yet the art is not showing up?

Also, why does the plugin not find art as often on the controller or squeezeplay as it does on the WEB Interface?


2009-04-03, 12:13
The controller has its own cache - the only way to clear is to restart the controller.

Did you delete the Artwork directory in SC Cache - do this first and then clear Browser cache and restart controller?

2009-04-03, 21:15
bpa, thanks for the response.

First I stopped SqzCtr.
I then went ahead and deleted the data in C:\ProgramData\SqueezeCenter\Cache\Artwork.
Next I cleared the Browser Cache.
I then restarted SqzCtr and opened up the browser SqzCtr Web Interface.

The old artwork still shows for the tracks for which I just used the plug-in to find artwork.

Let me tell you about my setup. The tracks that I am trying to find artwork are single tracks located in a Genre Folder with a generic Folder.jpg within that given folder.

For example, I have a folders named: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and so on. Everything within these folders are single tracks and not full albums. In most of these folders there is a generic jpg file named folder.jpg. This folder.jpg is what shows up as artwork for these tracks. Even after I use the plug-in to find artwork and cleared both the sqzctr artwork cache and the browser cache.

I also noticed there is the following folder with the actual artwork dl by the plug-in: C:\ProgramData\SqueezeCenter\Cache\FindArt

Also, initially the files were being named "coverart--Simple Minds-cover-0", & "coverart--Moby-cover-0", etc.

But now the cover art files are named some generic name that means nothing (?) "llIJ2pCaNL", & "DJYZmY7hoe", etc. etc.

Not sure if this helps or means anything.

Here are some of my settings for the plug-in:

Do a database scan after save: Yes

Save cover in special folder: Yes

Directory name for cover art: C:\ProgramData\SqueezeCenter\Cache\FindArt

Cover art filename: cover.jpg

Ok. Hopefully this helps.


2009-04-04, 08:37
I think you have a number of issues which needs to be corrected.

There are 2 parts to getting art displayed.
1. Ensuring art is in a location and named in a manner that SC expects.
2. Ensuring the displaying devices displays the up to date art and not a cached image (and the missing art image is also a cached image)

I think your main problem is point 1 while you have been dealing with point 2.

The following are some rules about Artwork.
* The only way to be sure SC database knowledge of cover art is really up to date is to do a Wipe and Rescan. Addition of artwork incrementally and then browsing to a folder will ensure the artwork is added to the database but is not always reliable at getting the new image displayed.
*Artwork embedded in a track is always used.
* If the settings in SC WebUI Settings/Advanced/Formatting as Artwork and Artwork Folder are blank then SC will check for the files names below in the folder where SC finds a track. The artwork in the folder will then be associated with all the tracks in the folder. For full size artwork the search order is
1. cover.jpg, cover.gif,
2. folder.jpg, folder.gif,
3. album.jpg, album.gif,
4. thumb.jpg, thumb.gif,
5. albumartsmall.jpg, albumartsmall.gif
Some variations of upper and lower case but not mixed (e.g. jpg or JPG but not Jpg ) are supported but best practice is always use lower case.

* If the settings in SC WebUI Settings/Advanced/Formatting as Artwork is not blank (i.e. a patterns has been defined such as %ARTIST-ALBUM.jpg) - then (I think not 100% sure) SC will first look in the Art Folder for pattern matched filenames, if no success then in track directory for pattern matched file name and then failing that the usual cover names.

In your setup I think you have asked FindArt to save artwork in a special folder. I intended this option was intended for use where the Music folder is write protected such that SC cannot write and so to save art another folder is needed. Theintention was rhat the user could then copy and rname the file afterward to its final destination.

As FindArt can save multiple art files in this directory a unique name is generated. The filename are generated from some of the album details and a counter - FindArt does not use SC's Artwork setting to create the name nor does FinaArt use SC's Artwork Folder setting as the destination folder . Temporary files have name with random letters but these should be deleted unless there was an error which prevent it being renamed to a recognisable file name. Since you have selected to save cover files - the temporary files and the saved cover files are all in the same directory.

Since you have single tracks in folders you would be best embedding the art in the track. An alternative would be to define a Artwork pattern which SC can use to derive the cover art filename from the track file & folder name or tags in the track

It will probably be helpful to read the Wiki entry even though it is a bit out of date - http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Album_Artwork