View Full Version : Itunes album artwork only on first track of an album

2009-04-03, 08:45
Using SC 7.3.2 on a Mac Mini (new)

I have used the option for SC to only use the itunes library to import music. I added/downloaded all the artwork for all my albums into itunes.

All this artwork is displayed in the web frontend of SC in the album view. However when I add an album to the playlist only the first track of an item has any artwork.

Is this a bug with SC or a problem with the method I have added artwork to itunes (mixture between downloading from itunes store, already associated with the musci from previous rips, and added manually to itunes)

Cheers for any help

2009-04-03, 08:51
It's an SC bug, or rather a failure of SC to deal with an iTunes bug.