View Full Version : Use squeezeslave to switch amp

2009-04-02, 02:23

I'm using squeezeslave as a kitchenradio, wich basically consist of a set of carspeakers and a booster. With the duet remote i am able to switch my reciever on and off, and this function is also available for the squeezeslave (seems pretty useless imo...or not?)

Is it possible to use this function, so that squeezeslave switches a port on my computer?
maybe on the lpt port, or else via usb (there is a I/O card already connected)
With this i would be able to switch my amp with some additional hardware, (it would be conveniant, because it's not in reach)
Btw squeezeslave is running on a ubuntu(server)

the other option is to build a hardware-trigger that wil switch on when there is power on the line-out, but i think i prefer the first one.

2009-04-02, 04:19
You're right on/off on squeezeslave at present does nothing. The events are silently ignored.

The source is available on sourceforge, so you could modify SS for you needs.

2009-04-02, 05:41
Look at PowerCenter (plus X10 or Insteon hardware) or ExecuteScript (to have a custom command/script run at the right time).