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2004-05-19, 05:40

Yes, it's definitely NOT still scanning.

Message was still there 8 hours later when I reloaded the Slimserver page. It's not affecting anything, but as you noted, likely a bug.



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Quoting Jim Clancy <clancy (AT) mindspring (DOT) com>:

> Greetings,
> I've downloaded the latest nightly build that's running on a Linux Red Hat
> 7.X server.
> An hour after clicking on "rescan" in server settings, it still says it is
> rescanning my files. There are only 4-5 GB of music files in
> there...mostly mp3 at 160kbs.
> Is that normal? All the files seem to be in the library.

it is possibly not scanning any more. the message is possibly a bug, that
reports still scanning, when it really isnt'. run 'top' and look at the cpu
usage for slimserver or perl and you will know for sure if its still scanning or
not. Scanning will show very high cpu usage.