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2009-03-29, 10:50
Ok, I'm confused, and would appreciate some help setting up SC with Custom Browse. I'm using a Boom, and the latest releases of SC (for Windows XP) and Custom Browse. I've set up a 'Standard Library' and an 'iTunes Library', and they seem to work nicely. However, there's one feature that I can't get to work properly.

Without Custom Browse, I can navigate to a single song, press play, and just that song gets put into the playlist (because I have the 'Play only selected song' option selected). If I navigate to the album name and press play, then all the tracks in the album are put in the playlist.

However, with Custom Browse, I understand that the menu-specific option to 'Play all songs in selected album' overrides the SC default option. The trouble is, if this option is NOT set, then even pressing play at the Album level only plays the first track, whereas when the option IS set, then even selecting just one track causes the whole album to be loaded into the playlist.

I'm not sure why the Custom Browse menus need to have this option separately defined - I'd prefer to let the SC default flag apply in all menus.

So can someone summarise just how I should set all these options so that, whether I'm in a default menu or a Custom Browse menu, pressing play at the album level plays the album, and pressing play on a specific track plays just that track?


2009-03-31, 00:29
D'oh! I think there's a law that covers this kind of situation. For my tests with the 'play all songs in album' option I'd managed to choose an album for which I only have one track! No wonder I could only get one track into the playlist!

Just to summarise: I've now set the global SC option 'Play Other Songs In Album' to 'Play only selected song', and I've unchecked the 'Play all songs in selected album' option in every Custom Browse menu.

With these settings:
- if I press the play button on an individual song from anywhere in the Boom menus, then only that song plays
- if I press the play button on an album title, the whole album is loaded.

Exactly what I was looking for.

2017-01-26, 17:25
Thanks a lot for sharing this. It just started using the multi library plugin and was confused that whenever I selected a song from an album via the menu in a specific library, it played all songs in the album even though the player setting was "Play only selected song". So the first thing I had to figure out was that when I was browsing specific libraries, I was actually using a custom browse menu. So it dawned on me that custom browse may not be respecting the per player setting. But how to change it. It did not occur to me that this would be a per menu-item setting so I was glad to eventually find this thread which brought me on the right track.

But does it make sense to have "Play only selected song" vs "Play other songs in album of directory" as a per menu option rather than as a universal option? Although it is feasible, I found it rather labourious having to go into each individual menu and changing the setting. I suppose that there is some technical limitation why the Custom Browse plugin doesn't simply respect the generic setting for each player. But I think the current solution is not good. I would like to suggest to @erland (no way to do mentions in this forum?) to add this option to the Custom Browse Settings menu.

Another thing I would like to mention is the following inconsistent behaviour of the Custom Browse plugin: Once I have manually disabled the "Play all songs in selected album" in the first level custom browse menus, this setting was automatically applied to the corresponding menus of one of my three libraries but not to the other two. I think it should be either be applied to all library menus (preferable) or to none at all.

Finally, there also seem to be some inconsistencies in how albums are displayed across the different menus. For example, in my classical music library, in the album menu, the album artist is displayed even though the setting "show artist with album" is off but in the New Albums menu, the artist is not displayed but instead the year is (and I have no idea how I might turn that off) and when I activate "show artist with album, the artist is displayed in a smaller font on the left, i.e. in a different way than in the Albums menu.

UPDATE: I found the reason why only one of the three libraries followed the settings I made in the first level custom browse menus: it's because the other two had the internal rather than the custom browse menus included (in the multi library settings).