View Full Version : Softsqueeze search botton not working

2009-03-29, 07:02
Hello! Every button on softsqueeze seems to work but not the search button, nothing happens when I click it. Is it supposed to be like that?

Mick Seymour
2009-03-29, 23:41
Working on mine. SS 3.7 Transporter skin on WinXP, SC 7.3.2 on RHEL.

2009-03-30, 07:51
I only tried the search button on the softsqueezes remote and it did not work, but now I discovered the search button on the transporter skin and it works. Shouldnt the remote search button work also?

Mick Seymour
2009-03-30, 08:33
:-) I didn't try the remote. I just did and as you say, that doesn't do anything.

2009-03-30, 09:56
Fine, nothing wrong with my program then...thanks