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2009-03-29, 02:41
Hi All,

I have set up MusicIP in headless mode on a W2K3 server and configured it in the SqueezeCenter. I have spent time looking for instructions about how to use it but I am jiggered if I can workout how to create a playlist.

Is there a how to out there?

Thanks in advance


2009-03-30, 03:34
You just hold the play button down and it will create a mix, or you can install the Spicefly sugarcube plugin and it does it for you.

2009-03-30, 04:45
If it is installed correctly then you should see a little M icon next to the track on the web interface or a MusicIP listing if you go right from a track on the Controller. If you can't it's not installed correctly. Check that you have switched plugin on in it's SlimCenter settings and that you have updated the port from 10002 to 10003 (if you've followed the Spicefly headless instruction fully and changed the default port).


2009-03-31, 02:30
Cheers chaps, have worked it out while playing The Smashing Pumkins to my 2.5 week old daughter. Did not know about your 2 ways but I found out that if you clicked te right arrow on the currently playing track, scrolled through until you got to "mor info" and went right agian there is an option to create a MusicIp playlist.

A bit convoluted I know but hey at least I found out one way for myself.

Thanks once again :)