View Full Version : Unable to log in to Live 365 on Softsqueeze

2009-03-27, 04:17
I am using softsqueeze 3.7 and despite my Live 365 working on Squeezenetwork I am getting a message saying "65 Please login with your account details."

2009-04-01, 20:49
I have experienced the same thing on softsqueeze. Live365 stations work fine on my hardware players but not on softsqueeze so I know I have a registered account. I can play some stations but not all. There are two messages I get on the stations that won't play:

1. "65 please login"
2. A message indicating that it is a premium station and I have to pay to get access.

The second message makes sense and I get it on both hardware and software players. The first message is only observed on software players.

I've quit trying to listen to live365 stations with softsqueeze because of this issue.

2010-02-21, 06:18
I have the same problem - can't log in.

2010-02-21, 06:30
For 7.3 and higher you should use Softsqueeze 3.8 or 3.9

With Softsqueeze you must enable "proxied streaming" for the player on SBS.