View Full Version : Any plans on official magnatune support?

2009-03-26, 02:06
...with streaming and download membership integration? I have seen that there is a plugin already, but that does only allow to listen to preview streams so far (gonna try it now). Amarok2 for example already has full support (but it still crashes on me ;) and I can't send the music to my stereo).


2009-03-26, 03:39
Whaaat? You just got Napster and now you're after another one already?


2009-03-26, 05:44
I agree Magnatune have a great selection of ambient/chillout music and I quite like it. Watching them over a few years now, I think their library is quite static.

It would still be nice to have some integration for

the free listen
the streaming membership
and the download membership

Oh well. Maybe I particularly like that they support FLAC downloads. :-) Unlimited downloads for $10/month can be quite a bargain if you like that kind of music. And the musicians get 50%, which I also appreciate.

I’d love to have something like the preview/streaming membership supported, listen to tracks, be able to click something like "add to basket" and later on go to my SN or Magnatunes account and download all that were added to the "download basket".

I wonder if they have some kind of API. Since this would be a good means to make them known a little more, and boost sales, I wonder if they’d team up with Logitch/Slimdevices for a thing like this. Personally, I’d definitely buy more Magnatunes music if I could do it from my lazy chair using my SBC :-)

2009-03-26, 06:50
There is already a squeezecenter plugin that makes free preview listening from Magnatune possible.
If you use 7.4 you have to adjust the maxVersion in install.xml and copy it manually to the SC Plugin folder and it will work there too, for previous versions you install it easily via the repository url.
As for clues how to implement advanced features, Amarok2 is open source and could provide valuable help, and the Magantune website has also some information on services integration (info link on their homepage).
I signed up for a 3 month (3 and 12 months and lifetime? is possible) download membership yesterday and I think I certainly will find enough music I like in these 3 months to justify the money I paid. They aren't evil at all it seems... ;) They have over 600 albums atm.

When did I get Napster?


2009-03-26, 07:14
The also periodically release pretty good full Length mixes as podcasts, might be worth a look too...