View Full Version : transporter re buffering

David C
2009-03-25, 11:26
I thought I posted this earlier but dont see it. I have a transporter that all of a sudden is re buffering songs in mid play. It seems to happen most on hi res 96 hz flac songs. Netgear router with mid 60% strenght and set to b/g not higher 130 mps. I have cleared squeeze centre software and re loaded a clean version but to no avail. Any ideas on how to rectify this?

2009-03-25, 12:19
First off, if possible, connect wired - wired is always preferred to wireless.
Second, why are you in b/g mode? Do you have "b" devices? This may be reducing your wireless network bandwidth. If you don't need to support "b" devices, switch to "g" only.
If still having problems, suggest you check for wireless interference... may want to try changing your wifi channel. Could also try re-positioning your router to improve signal strength at the transporter... can you put it on a high shelf... try playing with the antenna positioning, etc.

David C
2009-03-26, 02:09
Thanks for the advice. I changed the router to up to 270 mps (netgear dgn 2000) and it seems fine. Will have to wait and test it a bit more. I cant go wired as it is 2 rooms away from the transporter.