View Full Version : How to setup automatic conversion of mono wav files to stereo ?

2009-03-25, 10:17

I'm using Slimserver 6.5.4 (cannot upgrade, it's under LMCE system) and squeezeslave 0.8-25 as SW player under Kubuntu 7.10... Squeezeslave coredumps when playing mono wave files. Now I'd like to transcode automatically all wav files that are being sent to Squeezeslave to stereo version...

I think this is the line to do it :
wav wav squeezebox 00:04:20:00:00:01
[sox] $FILE$ -r 44100 -2 -c 2 $-x$ -

I've tried to put this line into /etc/slimserver/convert.conf and /etc/slimserver/custom-convert.conf, but nothing happens - squeezeslave crashes on mono wav file.

I have few questions :
1. is /etc/slimserver/convert.conf read by slimserver automatically or has to be specified in command line ? I have this running :
/usr/bin/perl -w /usr/sbin/slimserver --prefsfile /etc/slimserver/slimserver.pref --logfile /var/log/slimserver/slimserver.log --cachedir /var/cache/slimserver --cliport 7890 --audiodir /home/public/data/audio

2. What determines into what will be files transcoded ? There are entries for wav wav, flc wav, ... Do I have to change all those lines ?

3. What exactly is the line to transcode all mono wave files to stereo that are sent to particular device ?

4. Can I read some more about using convert.conf ?

Thanks in advance,