View Full Version : Internet radio station: Planet Rock - get track titles?

2009-03-24, 08:16
When using the recommended Planet Rock URL, I only get a static station ident: "Planet Rock (London, UK)" and no track titles, artists, etc.

I'm not sure if they issue such tags or not, but does anyone know if there is a better/alternative URL to get such Planet Rock track info displayed? TIA!

2009-03-25, 02:51
Track titles are not available for Windows Media streams, so no, there won't be any.

2009-03-25, 06:37
OK, thanks, shame.

You'd think that an all digital-friendly station (DAB anyone?) like Planet Rock, would do whatever it takes to provide the best experience on any digital delivery mechanism. Like Radio Paradise, for example. Oh well.

2009-03-25, 09:40
Planet Rock were using IceCast for a short while, before they got sold off by Global. That would have been compatible, but even then, there were no song titles.

2009-03-25, 09:54
It is possible to do metadata in WMA, but you need an encoder program that supports it, for example SAM Broadcaster.